Batch Payment Failed

Triggered when a BatchPaymentSession has failed and no payments have been made.

Webhooks are configured through the Banked console and are the recommended method for obtaining a batch payments status (as opposed to polling the batch payment status via our API).


A variation of this Webhook is available for Batch payments created with an account connected to the Banked console. It will be sent when a batch payment was accepted by a bank (state: accepted) but none of the individual payments have been verified after 7 days from batch payment creation.

An example failed Webhook payload

  "created_at": "2020-04-02 10:11:22 UTC",
  "currency": "GBP",
  "error_url": "",
  "id": "1b90e886-142e-4e97-8c20-828ac6ec6b93",
  "live": false,
  "payees": [
      "identifier_type": "SortCodeAccountNumber",
      "amount": 1,
      "amount_formatted": "£0.01",
      "client_id": "f799a3ed422e",
      "end_to_end_id": "BNKD-o0oBNXkTJtvxu6To",
      "name": "Test 1",
      "reference": "EeqYiL bnkdbAq",
      "state": "pending"
  "provider_id": "36293c8a-b118-472b-bc13-6aa53291134b",
  "state": "failed",
  "success_url": "",
  "url": "",
  "webhook_event": "batch_payment_failed",
  "webook_type": "batch_payment_session"