Creating a Business

Adding your customer to your Banked Partner account

When you have signed up a business to use Banked, you will need to create that Business in Banked via the Partner API. You will be required to provide a few details about the business - we ask for this for compliance reasons.


Due Diligence Checks

Every Business will need to undergo a Due Diligence check before live payments can be made. Please talk to your Banked Account Manager about how this can be done.

In the API response, you will receive a Business ID, as well as a list of Business Applications that have been created automatically. You can create additional Business Applications for that business ID.

The final step is to generate an authentication token scoped for the Business Application you want to use for payments - you can read more on this here.

That is it! Everything is set up to begin using Banked for payments by the businesses you have set up!