Fetching accounts

List all of the accounts you've linked to Banked

The Banked API provides an endpoint to return information about accounts you have connected to the Banked. This API allows you to fetch account IDs to use with the Batch payment API programmatically, or to fetch transactions from that account. Only accounts that have been successfully linked will be returned in the in API response.

curl --location "https://api.banked.com/v2/bank_accounts" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \

After running this in your terminal, you'll see the response will contain details about any accounts you have linked to the Banked console.

        "account_number": "12345601",
        "account_sub_type": "Current Account",
        "account_type": "Personal",
        "consent_expires_at": "2020-04-08 11:13:47 UTC",
        "currency": null,
        "id": "c3f87070-c2d8-4dbd-8943-7e280fc4c8fb",
        "name": "Debit Account - NatWest - Sydney",
        "provider": {
            "id": "36293c8a-b118-472b-bc13-6aa53291134b",
            "name": "Natwest Sandbox",
            "status": "AVAILABLE",
            "supports_batch": true
        "identifier_type": "SortCodeAccountNumber",
        "account_identifier": "50000012345601"