The who, what and where of Banked's technology

There are a few terms it's worth familiarising yourself with when using or implementing Banked's platform. A few of these terms are unique to Banked but most are related more generally to payments and account-to-account transfers.

Provider This is how we refer to a bank that's supported by our platform
PaymentSession The core object you create and manage via our API which contains all the information required to submit a payment
Line item A specific item with a name, description, quantity, and amount to charge. A PaymentSession can contain an arbitrary number of line items
Payee The individual or business receiving the payment created through Banked - this can be different for each PaymentSession generated, and can be anonymous (i.e. only sort code and account number)
Payer The individual or business making a payment via Banked
Business An entity with its own Banked ID, managed via the Banked console
A Banked ID A unique identifier for an individual or business within Banked
A Payment ID A unique ID for a payment within the Banked platform
Checkout The system to process a PaymentSession using a Provider of the Payer's choice
ApplicationAn application allows to logically separate payments within a Business. As such, a Business may have multiple Applications. An Application is scoped to be either Test (only test payments are allowed), or Live (only live payments are allowed).