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Integrating Banked

There are several options for how Banked can be integrated into your application

There are several options for you to choose from when integrating Banked into your application. The options offer a range of solutions, from the quick and easy to the more customisable.

Banked's Hosted Checkout

This solution is the simplest to integrate into an application, you make a single API request (to create a payment session and then redirect your customer to the URL we provide in the response. Banked handle's all of the data collection, bank selection and authorisation in our hosted checkout.

When the user has completed a payment we redirect them to either the success_url or error_url you provided in the create payment session API request. We can also send webhooks to give you real-time updates on their payment status.

We have an example store and demo to show you exactly what this hosted checkout looks like.

Banked's Embedded Checkout

If you would like more control over your customers payment experience you can embed account to account payments in your application.

The payment session is created in your backend in the same way as the Hosted Checkout, but you then embed Banked.js into your web page and it will render the data collection and bank selection screen on your page. The redirection then happens from your application directly to your customer's bank's authorisation flow. Your customer never needs to visit

You can try our embedded checkout as part of our top-up demo:

Banked's Checkout API

If you want to completely control the look and feel of your checkout, you can use our Checkout API to build your own version of Banked's checkout, giving you full control of your users bank selection and authorisation.

Updated 7 months ago

Integrating Banked

There are several options for how Banked can be integrated into your application

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