Success and Failure Redirects

Setting up redirect URLs

When initiating a payment, you will be asked to specify Success and Failure URLs (you can read how to do this here). This is where your user will be redirected after attempting to authorise a payment with their bank.


Loading time

Success and failure redirect pages must render first paint within 1s.

Success URL

The user will be redirected here once they have successfully authorised a payment. It's important to note that you should not release any goods until you have received a sent webhook for a payment. As such, make sure your success URL page has the following information:

  • Details about the order, such as the payment amount
  • Information about the next steps, for example, in case the payment is in a pending state, that the payment is being processed and an order confirmation will be sent to the user
  • Your branding, to ensure that the user is aware they are back to your website.

Failure URL

The user will be redirected here if a payment authorisation did not succeed for some reason - for example if it was rejected by the user's bank, or if the user has chosen to abandon the Pay by Bank checkout.

It is important to present clear next steps to the user at this stage - either by showing alternative payment methods or by directing them to their basket to attempt checkout again.