Payment flow

How do payments work and money move?

  1. Your customer requests to make a payment
  2. You use the Banked API to create a PaymentSession
  3. Banked provides a URL to the checkout for this PaymentSession, as well as the Payment ID
  4. You direct your customer to the checkout URL, or present them with the embedded checkout
  5. Your customer selects their bank
  6. We contact their selected provider (the customer's bank) asking them to make a transfer from the customer's account to the payee's account. This is called consent creation.
  7. We then redirect the user to authenticate themselves, select an account, and authorise the payment
  8. The customer is redirected to a Banked holding page, and we record whether payment authorisation was successful or not
  9. The customer is redirected to your success off failure URL
  10. At some point after step 7, the money is moved from the customer's account into yours, and Banked is notified of this
  11. Banked sends you a webhook notifying you of a successful payment, at which point the process is completed