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Banked offers Hosted and Embedded Checkout solutions, which support a range of integration requirements from quick and easy to fully customisable.

You can see what the Banked checkout looks like, and try out some customisations below:

Try our demo payment flow

Hosted Checkout

This solution is the simplest to integrate into an application. You make a single API request to create a payment session and then redirect your customer to the URL we provide in the response. Banked handles all of the data collection, bank selection, and authorisation.

When the user has completed the payment we redirect them to either the success_url or error_url you provided in the create a payment session request. We can also send webhooks to give you real-time updates on the payment status.

See our webstore example for a walkthrough of using Hosted Checkout. Our demo shows you exactly what this hosted checkout looks like.

Embedded Checkout

If you would like more control over your customer's payment experience, you can embed account-to-account payments in your application.

With embedded integrations, you create the payment session in your backend the same way as the Hosted Checkout, but then, you embed Banked in your application using our SDK, and it renders the data collection and bank selection screen directly on your page. The redirection to your customer's banking app authorization flow happens directly from your application. Your customer never needs to visit

See our top-up demo for a walkthrough of using the embedded integration.

Banked offers Banked.js - a set of Web Components you can embed in any webpage. Our embedded checkout is aimed at reducing the effort needed for deployment while maintaining enough flexibility to be used in various scenarios. If you require further customisation, please contact us about integrating directly with our checkout API.
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